Produce more, better and safely

Montfort International is a distributor and manufacturer of well-known industrial equipment and products.

Our goal is to help our customers increase the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their products while reducing production costs. We also help to protect the members of their teams, again reducing their operating costs.

Contact us; we can optimize your production processes by guiding you in choosing your industrial equipment and guiding you in their maintenance.

We Offer
Sciage et tronçonnage
Finition et ébavurage
Lubrifiants industriels
Système de sécurisation industrielle
Our expertise is utilized
in a variety of industries:
  • - Manufacturing
  • - Machine Shops
  • - Metal processing
  • - Transportation equipment manufacturing
  • - Processing wood products, furniture industries
  • - Plastics industry, rubber, insulation
  • - Aerospace
  • - Pulp and paper
  • - Mining, oil and gas
  • - Energy
  • - Public and semi-public services
  • - Etc.